ACS achieve results in the publishing sector - it's what we're good at

Some of our collectors have over 20 years experience of debt recovery within the
publishing sector. This experience and knowledge means that we are able to deal with many queries without reference to our client ensuring their money is collected quickly.

We are very aware that our clients branding is important and that there is a high
proportion of repeat business. When representing our clients, we ensure that our
collectors adopt an assertive yet courteous approach, preserving our clients
relationships with their customers.

ACS are so confident that we can out perform other DCA's within the publishing
sector, we are prepared to be put to the test and take a trial batch of accounts
even where the previous DCA has failed!

For more information ring 01707 252900.

Credit Manager - Future Publishing

"ACS offer a completely tailored service specific to our business, fitting their collection cycle, letters and approach specifically to our industry and bearing in mind our
brand concerns. This has been a revelation and allowed us to work closely with ACS
to make sure we both benefit enormously from the relationship.

ACS have achieved collection rates in excess of 50% over the last 12 months, this
is more than double our previous best collection rate from another DCA.
Future Publishing has used DCA's for the last 7 years and has never achieved
a collection rate greater than 23% from a DCA".