Recovering your money is what we do.

ACS specialises in providing a complete credit management system of debt recovery, tracing, and litigation for UK and overseas debt.

What we do: We recover commercial and consumer CCA regulated debt of any size and age. We work with clients in all sectors but have specific expertise in the utilities sector. We give every client, large or small, a secure dedicate 24/7 client portal for managing and reviewing progress.

What we provide: Our full service solution includes easy access to litigation, there is no need to retain a separate legal expert; trace and collect, for gone away debtors; and a portfolio of on-site services for energy, water and telecoms clients.

How we work: Our aim is to act as a seamless extension of a client's credit department, to enhance its collection process, and to achieve the highest possible return on each overdue account. Each debt is assigned to an account manager dedicated to collecting that debt. The consistent contact from the same manager gives continuity and credibility to the negotiations. This maximises collections. Account managers are trained in call techniques, negotiation, and dispute resolution and are skilled in determining the reason for non payment and the best action to get the debt paid.

No-Collection No-Fee: All our debt collection services are offered on a "No collection, No fee, No Risk" basis. There are no set-up fees and no hidden charges. We charge a pre-agreed percentage on amounts successfully recovered. The percentage varies depending on the age, location and volume of debts passed. Where possible we collect our fees from your debtor - further reducing your costs.

Our advice is free. If you are having trouble getting paid and would like to know your options, please get in touch.