Debt collection field services

A nationwide network of field agents

A nationwide network of field agents
Advanced Collections Systems (ACS) is a debt collection agency which recovers debt for individuals, SME's, and larger businesses and provides specialist debt recovery services to the UK's water, electricity, and gas utility providers.

Our sister company ACS Utility Services is a field services company. It specialises in providing field agency solutions to the utilities sector. It also provides bespoke solutions to clients from other sectors who require a visit to a customer's residential or commercial property. Its field-agents cover the UK mainland.

Utility field services

ACS Utility Services delivers Ofgem and Ofwat compliant meter disconnection and other site services to water, gas, and electricity utility providers across the UK.

Its nationwide network of field representatives work in partnership with the collections team of utility clients or the debt recovery team in ACS so that the preparation for disconnection and the debt recovery process are run side by side each supporting the other.

Other businesses

ACS Utility Services provides bespoke field service support for businesses from any sector which require a visit to a customer's residential or commercial property.

Its field agents carry out visits on behalf of businesses to gather information, attend appointments, or complete and collect documentation. Typically, visits are arranged to ascertain occupancy, check tenancy, obtain a forwarding address (for absconded customers), for process serving, safe document service and collection, or to carry out site photography.

To learn more visit the ACS Utility Services website or call 01707 252 905